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Throughout its work, the PCPD addresses power imbalances in society and practically strives towards positive peace, with the full inclusion and participation of women and youth in a democratic society.

The PCPD works on this from two different perspectives through its extensive programs, all sharing a gender component: advocating and lobbying for equality in the law, culture and society, and by offering women, especially young women, the opportunity to gain skills, develop competencies and be seen and heard.

A clear majority of all our project participants and beneficiaries are women (70-75%) and the PCPD is uniquely present across the whole of the West Bank, which ensures accessibility to the women in the most marginalised and poorer rural communities.

As confirmed in the Progress Towards Target Table and the participation number of women, ChristianAid / IrishAid support for the PCPD directly enables hundreds of young Palestinian women to participate in discussions about their future, gain crucial life and professional skills and represent their needs at the local and national levels, and ensures that male participants gain experience in cooperating with women on an equal footing.

Young women selected to be part of the core groups (direct beneficiaries as participants) are involved in the project design and planning in a participatory way; the space for discussion and experience sharing is open and they are encouraged to express their feelings on the initiatives and the impact on their lives.

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