training session

June 10, 2022

PCPD conducted a training session for the Young Women Advocates project, funded by PAX.

Trainer Nahid Abu Tahmiyeh, a prominent local TV personality and experienced interviewer, taught the participants techniques and practices on how to be a poignant and effective political interviewer. After having completed a series of training sessions on the theoretical aspect of interviewing (psychological concepts, interpersonal skills, subject material, etc.), Ms. Nahid moved the training sessions into the practical sphere of implementation.

The participants were told to focus on the most important aspect of the process; deciding upon the subject material, determining the intended outcome and selecting the guests who will be most relevant to this goal. Nahid introduced interactive learning techniques through having the participants host mock “T.V.” presentations surrounding a selection of subject material. The participants then assessed each others’ performances and discussed techniques regarding the conditions and ethics surrounding T.V. hosting.

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