Third summer camp

14 - 16 September [article]

Within the Youth Bridges for Democratization and Participation project, which is implemented by the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy Issues, a summer camp was implemented from 9/14/2023 to 9/16/1023 in Ramallah, which included 32 young women and men from various governorates of the West Bank, including 5 coordinators/ For the center's projects.

During the camp, various activities and activities were carried out, including:
1. A political educational session.
2. Collective volunteer work at the center and painting a mural.
3. Visiting a number of local authorities and meeting with their representatives.
4. Visit the Palestinian Museum at Birzeit University.
5. Many educational and entertainment events

The first day is Thursday 09/14/2023:
The participants gathered at the Episcopal Center for Technology and Vocational Training in Ramallah, where there was an introductory meeting for the participating group, and an icebreaker with one of the fellow participants, Waad Jaradat.
Then, the youth group participating on the first day attended a dialogue session presented by Mr. Nassif Muallem on “The Role and Tasks of Local Bodies in the Current Political Situation.”

The second day, Friday, 09/15/2023:
The participants carried out collective volunteer work at the center’s headquarters in Beitunia. The participants were divided into groups for volunteer work, including external cleaning operations in the garden and internal cleaning operations in the halls. This day was crowned by painting a mural that talks about the importance of women and youth’s participation in local bodies. . In the same afternoon, a visit was organized to the village council of Ain Arik, where a meeting was held with the local body of the council, represented by the president and members of the village council: A. Basil Shaheen, and A. Randa Halawa, and A. Sanaa Shaheen, and A. Hussein Qarabasa.

The dialogue session included the experience of the village council, and the role of women and youth in the local body. They stressed the importance of women and youth participating in the local bodies, and that they have an effective role in the town, and that the council works in an integrated manner through the real participation of women, youth and citizens, and the council works to raise the level of awareness Informing people of their rights in order to know their rights and duties because it enhances citizenship and strengthens the steadfastness of citizens in the town. Immediately after the meeting ended, the male and female participants headed to agricultural land in Ain Arik, where they carried out recreational and environmental activities.

The third day, Saturday, 09/16/2023:
In the morning, we went to the Palestinian Museum at Birzeit University, and learned about the purpose of the museum, its departments, and its founders, with the help of a professional guide who took us on a tour inside the museum’s corridors. After the tour in the museum. The camp members then headed to the town of Jaffna, where they met with the president and members of the municipal council, represented by Professor Amjad Awad and Ms. Marcel Samara, where they talked about the town of Jaffna, and the role of youth and women in the municipal council, stressing their pride in women’s work in local bodies, and adding that they are in the process of forming A youth council and an advisory council under the framework of the council in the town. They stressed that young people must prove themselves in order to reach decision-making positions.
As for the last event, the group went to the town of Kober, where they met with the mayor, Mr. Shawkat Barghouthi, where he talked about the town of Kober and pointed out that there is a reluctance to women’s participation in local bodies, and work was done on the importance of women’s presence and participation in local bodies and taking their role from During the women's quota law, he pointed out that women must impose themselves and take their role because they are half of society. He added that work is being done to form an independent feminist parliament and a youth parliament so that there is effective participation of women and youth in the town.

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