meeting with the President of Al-Najda Association

February 7 [Article]

In the presence of the Youth Department of the General Federation of Palestine Trade Unions, Jenin Branch, conducted a meeting with the President of Al-Najda Association for Women’s Development and members of the Association in Jenin, a discussion on violence against women and the Family Protection Law against Violence

Several dialogues were discussed, namely the manifestations of violence against Palestinian women, its repercussions, and the reasons for its existence.

The president of the association, Mrs. Tammam Qinawy, stated that the percentage of statistics for violence against women this year increased by 36%.

And that the role provided by the Najda Association is awareness and economic programs for the work of projects supporting the development of battered women and others, and that there is follow-up, but that the association cannot catch up with the huge number of battered women, and that it is necessary to go to institutions, departments, and government centers in order to provide job opportunities and preserve and support the rights of Palestinian women. In various fields, as well as raising awareness through schools in order to educate future generations about the concept of violence and its importance,

They also discussed proposals and ways to prevent violence and how to implement them, stressing the importance of having laws that are fair to women, the importance of implementing the Family Protection Law from Violence, legal oversight and accountability, and imposing drastic penalties.

To reduce and eliminate all forms of discrimination against women,

This meeting comes within the project "Towards a Public Opinion in Support of Women’s Rights" and with the support of the MCC Foundation.

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