The Reality and Prospects of Freedoms in Palestine from a Youth Perspective

December 10, 2022

 The conference "The Reality and Perspective of Freedoms in Palestine from a Youth Perspective" was a significant event that brought together 162 young men and women from Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank governorates. The conference aimed to give a platform to young voices to discuss the issues of freedoms in Palestine and to provide recommendations for addressing these issues. The conference was held on December 10th, 2022.

The conference included 27 young men and women who presented 9 research papers on various topics related to freedoms in Palestine. The papers covered a wide range of issues including freedom of expression, opinion, and publication, freedom of access to information, personal and digital freedoms, the impact of division on the decline of freedoms and marginalization, the role of youth and women in decision-making processes, and postponing elections.

A total of 162 people attended the conference

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