Youth in Just Peace

This project contributed to the realisation of the rights-holders' human rights by increasing the capacities of the core group of youth to act as human rights defenders in their communities and in Palestine, basing their advocacy and lobbying efforts on international standards of Human Rights as included in the treaties, conventions and documents relevant to Palestine.

The training received by the youth contributed to their theoretical knowledge and understanding of these issues, preparing them to reach out to other youth and decision-makers to promote the respect of these rights. They then put into practice the skills acquired during the training of trainers sessions and used the human rights as a backtrack to the design of all initiatives.

Moreover, the knowledge and understanding of the population of their human rights and the instruments of international law relevant to defend them was increased through medias, campaigns, workshops, political symposiums, and film screenings. Discussed were held and the participants were strongly encouraged to take an active part in promoting these notions, too often ignored by the population.

This contributed to increasing the participating community members, particularly the youth, to know their rights and demand a greater responsiveness of governments to commit to defending them; having the tools and knowledge to demand such commitment is their democratic right, and contributes to the global commitment to Palestine's legitimate right for self-determination.

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