violence against women and the family protection law

February 15 [Article]

The Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy conducted a dialogue meeting on violence against women and the family protection law with Sister Hanan Hassanein, head of the Women's Committee for Social Work in the Qalqilya branch.

The meeting dealt with the most prominent challenges and issues facing Palestinian women, and the discussion focused on the weakness of women's political participation, the reasons for this, and the mechanisms that can be followed to empower women politically.

After that, there was a discussion about the Family Protection Law and the importance of its approval and implementation.

In turn, Hassanein stressed that the Women's Committee works to stand by and support women, and that women are men's political and social partners in all aspects of life and that their presence enhances democracy and social justice.

This meeting comes within the project "Towards a Public Opinion in Support of Women’s Rights" with the support of the MCC Foundation.

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