Freedom in Palestine: A Round Table Discussion in Dura Hebron

February 19 [Article]

Within the "Musawat" project, the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy held a roundtable meeting in Al-Quds Open University Hall/Dura Al-Khalil, on freedoms in general in Palestine, and freedom of opinion and belief and publishing in particular. The dialogue was opened by the Director of Al-Quds Open University, Dr. Numan Amr, who spoke about public freedoms in Palestine and the challenges these freedoms face, and focused on what was stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

After that, three papers were presented and discussed. Mr. Thaer Ahdeeb presented a paper on political freedom and freedom of opinion. Ms. Hind Atmeiseh presented a paper on freedom of education and the restrictions imposed on it, and Mr. Ramadan Matar also presented a paper on intellectual freedom and freedom of publication and expression.

This event came up with several recommendations, the most important of which are the inclusion of freedom issues in education, increasing the budget of the education sector, supporting critical thinking through scientific research, increasing political awareness among Palestinian youth, enhancing the status of Palestinian youth in the right to access information, and strengthening the Freedoms Law so that it is not just ink on the paper. Finally, the attendees demanded to intensify and multiply such specialized activities on these concepts to increase awareness and knowledge of them among Palestinian citizens.

It is worth mentioning that the Musawah project is implemented in Palestine in a partnership between the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy Issues and the Dutch PAX Foundation. This event was moderated by the coordinators of the Palestinian Center in the Hebron Governorate, A. Haneen Jaber and Wael Amr.

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