Partnership between civil society and municipalities in The West Bank, in the frame of the GIZ-LGP pilots on Social Accountability

During the third phase of the GIZ Local Governance and Civil Society Program (LGP), interventions in Social Accountability (SA) were piloted by 6 partner Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in 17 municipalities of the West Bank and Gaza. Those interventions were conducted in 2 phases where 7 SA tools were implemented, and a number of SA tools were institutionalized by the municipalities involved in the project since the second phase.

The PCPD possesses a rich experience as well as a highly qualified team that has the skills and abilities to expand the previous successful experiences of institutionalized social accountability tools implementation in both Bani Naem and Ethna to a number of other marginalized towns, cities and villages in the West Bank. The PCPD staff members who have been involved in projects aiming at developing partnerships between municipalities and their communities are going to apply their deepened expertise to new locations.

The involved PCPD staff has worked with a variety of SA tools, but has identified the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue tool as being the best adapted to Palestinian municipalities’ needs and resources. The Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue tool is considered the best tailored SA tool for the partner municipalities, which is why PCPD proposes to develop a new project of institutionalized social accountability tools implementation in Yatta, one of the West bank biggest and most marginalized towns.

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