A peace that will lead to the establishment of an independent, democratic Palestinian state based on the borders of 1967

PCPD promotes a genuine peace based on UN Resolutions and the Palestinian Declaration of Independence (PDI). A peace that will lead to the establishment of an independent, democratic Palestinian state based on the borders of 1967; with a focus on human security, con$ict resolution and mechanisms based on international legitimacy. Our goal is to revive a positive peace through building the capacity of youth and local actors who will promote tolerance and reduce prejudices. We aim for a society that enjoys peace and security, where con$icts are dealt with through non- violent approaches, where human rights are respected and where citizens can feel safe and secure. The political participation of women in processes relating to peace and security is crucial for the establishment of said international peace and security. In Palestine, young women and men need to be part of the negotiation, peace and reconciliation processes. They need to be active in the public sphere, in accordance with the PDI and the resolutions of the UN Security Council Resolutions, mainly 1325. To ensure this, we promote the inclusion of women in political and peace processes.

One of the most important projects under the Peace Program is Feminin"uencer; a project that empowers and enthuses young female activists in using classic and social media as a means for change. This project enhances women’s rights and freedoms to expression, movement and equality. The young women who participated in this project were the recipients of a capacity building program that quali#ed them to: conduct and participate in dialogues with Public Opinion and Policy makers, lead live TV sessions, produce TV spots and conduct Film Screening workshops to disseminate ideas related to women rights, equality and activism in the public sphere in line with the international Agreements and declarations that Palestine signed related to CEDAW and 1325. (This project is funded by Operation 1325 and with the support of Swedish Institute SI).

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