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As an organization we share common values and principles that guide PCPD’s work. Our core values are based on a holistic understanding of peace and democracy as not merely the absence of war or direct violence, but also the presence of positive conditions that support physical, social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being of the Palestinian people.

- We are committed to fundamental human rights, dignity, and the rule of law and encouraging critical debate and respecting diverse opinions.

- We are committed to equality between men and women in accordance to the Palestinian Declaration of Independence and the International Conventions, mainly CEDAW.

- We believe in a society where all people are free to participate fully in civic, economic, and cultural life.

- We are committed to addressing inequalities that cut across multiple lines, including race, class, gender, and citizenship.

- We are committed to real and just peace as outlined in the Palestinian Declaration of Independence and international resolutions.

- are committed to transparency, sharing and making information available to all relevant parties, internally and externally.

- We are committed to holding those in power accountable for their actions and in increasing the power of women and youth groups.

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