2 day campaign under the title “ We want to walk freely”

October 15 &16 , 2022

A day 2-campaign was held in Battir, Bethlehem. On the first day of a two-day campaign in Bethlehem, a mural was implemented at the Battir Secondary School for Boys featuring the Palestinian flag and religious places, along with the slogan "We want to talk freely." This mural served as the focal point of the campaign, which aimed to raise awareness about the importance of freedom of practicing religious rites, freedom of speech, and equality in Palestine.

On the second day of the campaign, supporters of the PCPD conducted interviews with women from community-based organizations (CBOs) about themes of freedom and equality. These interviews were used to gather perspectives and insights from local women about these important issues and to further the campaign's goal of promoting and protecting civil and political rights for all Palestinians. Overall, the two-day campaign was a powerful reminder of the importance of free speech freedom of practicing religious rites, freedom of speech and assembly, and equality in the community and a call to action for all to support these values.

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