Throughout its work, the PCPD addresses power imbalances in society and practically strives towards positive peace, with the full inclusion and participation of women and youth in a democratic society... More
During the third phase of the GIZ Local Governance and Civil Society Program (LGP), interventions in Social Accountability (SA) were piloted by 6 partner Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in 17 munic... More
The main objective of the grant received from EED is to allow the PCPD to continue its activities to strengthen the commitment of the Palestinian society in practicing true democracy in a free, indepe... More
The purpose of this project is to train youth trainees to participate in live TV sessions and raise and handle relevant issues in the public sphere. The main assumption of the project is that, by esta... More
This project contributed to the realisation of the rights-holders' human rights by increasing the capacities of the core group of youth to act as human rights defenders in their communities and in... More
This project is within the Women Program at the PCPD and is regarded as a new persepective of using  different Social Media; blogs, facebook and twitter, instagram and features to spread women ri... More
The project: Women and Youth against Violence is a project in which the Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy (PCPD) is partner with the Culture and Free Thought Association (CFTA) – Gaza,... More
The project that the PCPD is implementing is entitled: Palestinian Women in Politics is one of the most important projects under the Women Program at the organization. The Woman Program aims to empowe... More