PCPD General Assembly

PCPD was founded in 1992 by the following figures:

- Mr. Bashir Barghouti (passed away)
- Dr. Tayseer Arouri (passed away)
- Dr. Sameer Abdulla
- Dr. Tamer Essawi
- Mr. Hana Amira

In addition to this, the PCPD has a general assembly of 33 members, who are responsible for electing the Board of Directors. The sta make up the executive body of the organization, followed by a large number of young volunteers (PCPD Youth Supporters) who, together with the sta, conduct various innovative interventions to advocate for the mission and vision of the organization.

1- Ms. Sona Arouri
2- Mr. Abbas Milhem
3- Dr. Talib Awad
4- Ms. Shola Abed Hadi
5- Mr. Muhammad Saleem
6- Mr. Hashem Barahma
7- Mr. Thaer Hanaysha
8- Mr. Ghassan Abdulla
9- Mr. Waleed Maqbul
10- Mr. Issa Samandar
11- Ms. Enas Maswada
12- Ms. Fadwa Khader
13- Ms. Yasmeen Enaya
14- Mr. Aref Jafal
15- Ms. Sahhar Barakat
16- Mr. Ameen Enabi
17- Ms. Haneen Zeidan
18- Ms. Neda Abu Sibah
19- Mr. Naeem Al-Ashhab
20- Ms. Intisar Salman
21- Mr. Munther Qareq
22- Ms. Taghreed Kishek
23- Ms. Hana Sahel
24- Ms. Ann Ankar
25- Ms. Shahrazad Tmazi
26- Ms. Hazar Ismael
27- Ms. Nina Thabet
28- Mr. Khaleel Sheeha
29- Mr. Emad Daoud
30- Ms. Sabreen Amouri

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